The Killer 8-Minute Kettlebell Exercises for Women

The Killer 8-Minute Kettlebell Exercises for Women

How much do you know about kettlebell workout or have you heard this word “Kettlebell” for the first time?  If you love yourself some kettlebell exercises for women are just perfect for you!

NO !! Seriously if you have never tried them, these workouts are for you! Women who practise them, they say that Kettlebells are simply awesome, since their weight is not evenly distributed. Kettlebell enable your stabilizer muscles to workout extra and hard.

These have been recommended as super sculptors for women especially. Amongst the various core workouts for women, these have been preferred because these target your shoulders, butt, back arms, core and so on. Do you know that your entire body experience various amazing toning benefits.

Still have a question in Mind why huge number of women using kettle bells

More and more and more women are coming across the benefits of effective kettlebell core workouts for women. There are a number of answers to why kettlebells are a perfect choice for women who dream to tone their body & remove ugly body fat.

Are you aware of the fact that Men are more inclined towards resistance based training with Barbells, Dumbbells, and various weight training machines? This is due to the fact that they have good upper body strength as compared to women. Hence they find upper body training easier as well as more intuitive. But do you know you being women opt more for aerobic training options such as running, Zumba style dance classes, spin classes and so on.

However, you should know from experts as to why you must  be spending more time doing resistance based workouts plus making use of a kettlebell is another great choice providing you progress slowly & you will receive some expert training on your own .

What you will require?  A kettlebell or about 5-15 lbs, all depend upon your capacity.

Let us know about various kettlebell exercises for women.  But before kettlebell workout for women, do a quick dynamic warm-up. Such as one to two min of rope jumping rope, or high-knee marches, jumping jacks, etc, whatever you love to do to warm up your body). It is recommended to repeat that warm-up exercises again. That means there has to be set of warm-up workout.
Some of those Kettlebell exercises for women are as below:-

Standing and pull-up using kettlebell

How to do: Stand straight with your feet apart & imagine that you are pulling your kneecaps up in order to engage your quads and tighten your abs as well as your gluteus.

Begin with the weight at the bottom, keep your arms straight, and then pull up while your elbows coming out. In this posture experience tension in your arms and in your chest and sense the squeeze in the shoulders.

Stay in this posture for a while. That means hold at the top and now lower down the weight back, at starting position in a balance and a controlled movement. Repeat the same in 10 to 15 times.

Russian Kettlebell Swing

Effective For : Your Shoulders, hips, back, legs, glutes
Level of intensity: Beginner level kettlebell exercises for women.
How to do: To perform effective kettlebell swing, stand straight, keep your feet little wider as if a hip-distance apart.
Grab the handle of kettlebell using both hands and then keep your palms face down & the arms in front of the body. Retain a slight bend to your knee & drive the hips back, while lowering the body—
But remember not too low because this is not a squat. Then, in an on-going motion, drive your hips forward while swinging your kettlebell, and keeping the glutes and the core engaged.
Remember: This motion has to be from the hips, not with your arms, and then your body returns to standing position. Lower down your weight back down between your legs and repeat his swinging motion for around 12 to 15 times

Gunslinger Lunge Kettlebell Exercises for Women

This compound exercise builds great strength in your biceps as well as in your forearms along with shaping-up your lower body.
How to do: Begin with feet together, hold kettlebell in your left hand. Now, step back with the left leg and lower down into a lunge then perform a biceps curl which means bell bottom down. Quickly return to the starting posture. Perform 12-15 repetitions one after other each side.
Once you will get involved in Kettlebell workouts, you will feel addictive to these, I am so sure!
This is true, that every person do not enjoy exercising. If we talk about women, they are no exception. But since Kettlebells offering an exciting dimension to the fitness routine, you can be very addictive.


Learning a correct training with kettlebells takes time, dedication and of course skill. But it is not impossible to do kettlebell exercises for women! But after they begin with them women even forget that they are even working out.
So now Give it a try and forget that boring working out to tome your Body!

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