Few Effective Exercises For Belly fat

Few Effective Exercises For Belly fat

Each one of us carries some belly fat, even those who have flat abs, they also have little belly fat. It is normal thing, but if you are having excessive belly fat, it can affect your health? You need to be very serious on belly fat which really requires lots of efforts to get rid of. Here we will discuss few effective exercises for belly fat that can be performed at home. You can reduce your stomach fat at home.

And do you know belly fat is also known as “visceral” fat. This could be a huge problem, even if you are among thin people!

Being overweight does not mean that you are unhealthy. Trust me; there are number of overweight people who have an excellent health. While on the other side, various normal weight people face many metabolic issue linked with obesity.

Because of the same reason, fat under the skin is not a health issue; rather it is a cosmetic issue. Whereas, the fat in you abdominal cavity, or let’s say belly fat, is the prime the biggest issues.
In that case, if you carry excess fat around your belly, your waistline, no matter you are not fat, you must think about getting rid of belly fat. You CAN; in fact, YOU MUST take some steps, like doing stomach exercises at home, either manually or use some Stomach exercise equipment!
Keep doing exercise and keep measuring that circumference around your waist. You can easily do that at home, right?

Is Belly fat Harmful?
Like I said above it is goes deep inside your tummy. Do you know it is a metabolically active kind of fat which surrounds your internal organs? It releases substance, which make you weak and helpless towards metabolic disturbances, and various heart disease & inflammation

Belly fat is indeed dangerous, but it can be handled well through healthy diet and exercises. Some of you can lose more weight and fat in a week with continuous routine fitness program and strict healthy dietary meals. It is all about your time & effort needed to lose weight. Keep a check onto this, and do not get distracted in second week if you tend to lose some weight in this week. Remember, weight you just lost can be regained in the second week, if you do not follow a routine or diet and exercises!

Causes of Belly Fat:
There could be various reasons such as:-
1. Hormonal disturbances. If you are a female, you must know if your menopause drop in estrogen, it may weaken your body, decrease those alters where body stores fat. This let you become more prone to gain visceral belly fat.

2. Other hormonal imbalances in such situation may let you body feel hungry, no matter you even after eating.

3. There could be decrease in leptin, which is a crucial appetite suppressant within your body. This could be because of huge sleep disturbances. Such disturbances are common in pre-menopause & menopause. And at the same time level of ghrelin is increased. This is an appetite stimulant substance in your body.

4. Various stresses in your life such as kids, studies, college or any accident or death. This can increase a stress hormone name cortisol, which is very harmful. As it triggers your body to accumulate fat in the middle.

Exercises To Get Rid of Stomach Fat
Belly fat is the first thing you focus on when you start with a weight loss exercise program. What do you say? If you are new to various exercises to shed those extra pound, especially around your waist or you are generally involved in hectic office work and you do not get time to visit the gym. Best is to either have some stomach exercise equipment at home or you can carry out various other simple workouts, in the process of getting rid of belly fat?

1. Aerobic Exercises
Aerobic exercises such as running, walking, swimming, has been proved to best to produce major reductions in your belly fat. This has been proved in various researches and studies! You can run on the roof of your home, anytime in the morning of after you return from office. Or you can make use of treadmill, what do you say. If by any chance you do not want to spent in treadmill or various other equipments, best is to “jump on your toes” at least 40-50 times twice a day.

Remember exercises are important to prevent you from re-gaining weight, especially your abdominal fat. Hence experts recommend this as first thing, during weight maintenance program!

2. Roll-Up
Just lie on your back along with your arms & legs extended plus feet flexed. Take a deep breath.
Then exhale when reach your arms up & forward and then roll head toward chest. You have to lift head as well as shoulders off floor. Remember you have to keep your fingers next to your ears through the entire move.

Now press your inner thighs together & then begin to pull your navel in, towards spine. Slowly and gently peel off the floor till you’re sitting in C shape posture. Your back is rounded, which is head toward your knees, & your arms are extended in front of you. Remember that your chin is tucked throughout the move.
Now slowly, reverse this movement, come back to initial posture. Inhale & squeeze your abs as you roll back down towards floor.
Repeat this sequence at-least 6 – 10 times.

3. Side Plank
This is a preferred abs workout. And is one of the advanced level exercises because of its challenging nature as compared to traditional plank. Since, in this you have to support your entire body weight at two points of contact rather than four. Due to this, you have to work harder to balance your body and to stabilize in that posture.

Process: Lie on the left side with your elbow straight and beneath your shoulder & legs. Then position your right hand on the left shoulder or your right hip.
After that support your abs and try lifting your hips off/above the floor till you are able to balance your forearm as well as feet so that the body create a diagonal line.

You have to hold for at-least 30- 45 sec in this posture. If, by any chance you can’t hold that much, stay up as much as you can & then repeat the process until you held for 30 sec in total.
Switch your sides and then repeat the process.

4. Crisscross
Simply lie on your back with your knees above hips, and calves parallel to floor, plus hands behind your head.
Now raise head & shoulders, while tightening your abs & twisting towards your left as you extend your right leg. Be Cautious that never pull on neck. This pull out or workout should be done from abs.

You have to hold for 3 sec & then simply switch the sides. Again hold for next 3 seconds. This is one set, repeat the set for at-least 5 times!

5. Lunge Twist
This is best for beginners.

You have to stand with your feet hip width apart, your knees slightly bent, and your elbows bent at 90 degrees by hips.

Leap forward with your right leg & the rotate chest and arms towards right.
Rotate your back towards center as you push off your right foot to come back to initial posture.

Repeat 16 times with alternate sides.

These are few of the exercise to help you getting rid of belly fat. We shall come up with few more advanced version and various diet precautions you must carry out to stay fit, slim sexy and healthy. Stay tuned! Stay Fit!

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