: Intense Cardio Exercises To Burn Extra Pounds Quickly

:  Intense Cardio Exercises To Burn Extra Pounds Quickly


Have you ever thought which Cardio Workouts will help you to burn extra pounds faster?  Here we will guide you on low and high intensity Cardio Exercises, you can do at your home and get rid of extra body fat without any side effects.

Every women dream about having slim figure and do lot of efforts for it, some get success and some failed.  But it will not be a dream anymore with Cardio Workouts we are talking about. Yes that true! But to achieve something you should be a part of the success journey. We make sure to have smooth journey.

It is rightly said; everything is possible and so is with you, by you only. Get to know how? It is very simple and you can do Cardio exercise at home as per your time. This is perfect solution for burning unwanted extra fat with in your body. What is required is the regularity for performing Cardio workouts at your home even without a professional cardio trainer.

Cardio Exercies mainly have tow parts:

  1. Low Intensity Cardio Exercises
  2. High Intensity Cardio Exercise

These both are known for reducing weight fast. But you may need to know the difference between both, or you may wish to know which is more effective and efficient in burning extra pounds quickly.  A person needs to be aware about her fat burning zone.

Important point to know about low intensity exercises is that, these are helpful in burning body glycogen.  Glycogen is the form of carbohydrates that get stored in human liver as well as in muscles to gain energy. It does burn fat but not that much as we wanted and not even that effectively.

You may adopt these low intensity cardio exercises to burn fat depending upon your physical conditions. Also you may feel that you have shed some pounds, but there is still lot of fat all around your body which is not easy to get rid of.  For example tummy fat or fat on thighs these parts are not easy to get rid of exta fat. And you will not look that fit and fine which you expect and dream about when you carry more fat around these areas.

Simply by walking or swimming a person reduce the fat, but at the same time with high intensity cardio workouts, body is able to burn lot of calories. In the event, calories may also burn from glycogen and which may result in burning fat calories too. If in any case the stored glycogen is low, the amount of carbohydrates gained from food taken later on, is converted into glycogen and hence fill that store. In this way, such gained carbohydrate is not being converted into body extra fat while it is being left unused for strength and energy.

Talking about, high intensity cardio workouts, they are effective in turning up the metabolism even after the workout is over. Your body continue to burn body pounds or fat many hours after you are done with your cardio workout. This result is not gained in low intensity cardio or aerobic exercises. Conclusively, body becomes capable of burning more calories during as well as after high intensity cardio workouts. Hence, more effective than lower intensity exercises.

Plan it in a way that you walk for some time and then switch to running for another few minutes. Continue to run until you feel little tired, keep walking for some time, and go for a sprint then. Switching between walking and running will let you work out for long in a day. Do it at least for 15-20 minutes. Keep doing the same for a week, and you will be able to notice considerable amount of unwanted fat is being shed from your body rapidly.  Become your own Cardio trainer and Observe that you are looking so sexy!

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